Friday, December 9, 2011

Snowman tutu

Do you actually need a good reason to make a tutu? I think not. But in this case, I fell in love with this fabulous idea and I needed a photo for our Christmas cards.
So I whipped it up one evening and took Love Bug to the mall to see Santa (um.....hearing Santa tell you that your outfit is adorable puts an extra big smile on your face ---and she loved it too ;)

Super easy....I did the tie style tutu on a piece of ribbon. About 20 inches each, folded in half. Two layers of tulle for each strip as I attached them. Then I went back and added another layer between every two knots with tulle cut a bit more than half that length to make it fluff upward more.

A pair of tights and boots, a scarf, and a long sleeved white shirt with a couple of felt circles (I wanted to do black pom poms but couldn't find ones big enough in black- and didn't have time to make them.)
The hat was a bit more daunting. I used adhesive felt and cut two pieces in a circle and put them together sticky side in. Then I cut a piece of felt in a strip (eyeballed the length) and sewed it together on the ends to make a tube. I cut out a smaller circle based on my "tube of felt" size and sewed it on. Turn the whole thing outside out. I hotglued it to the bigger circle and added the ribbon- also with hot glue. It's bobby pinned to her head. The pic of the inspired outfit had it attached to a headband, but Love Bug is anti-headband.

Cute, no?


  1. This is so cute! I think something else just got added to my extensive list of 'to make for a child before Christmas'. I already have 8 large projects, but this is DARLING! Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Perfect! I am so using this as a costume for my daughter for purim, a jewish holiday where people get dressed up, that falls out during the winter this year.