Saturday, March 6, 2010

Quiet book cover and inside

My quiet book is not a finished product, as I plan to keep adding to it over the years. It's actually more of a quiet....briefcase. I was going to post instructions on how to make the cover, but I changed it so much while I was making it that I didn't have time to keep track of all the measurements. I will tell you though that I picked two cute coordinating fabrics out of cotton. I used a heavy duty nylon 36" zipper that zips all the way open (parka zipper). If you are afraid of sewing on zippers, or don't have much experience-then this is a great place to start! It was so easy to sew on because you can zip it apart from the other side while you sew it on the strips of fabric.
I used heavy duty iron on infusing- that can pretty much stand up on its own. It made for a nice stiff cover. I also used 3" binder rings, so I could remove the pages and pass them out to kids and choose what to put in it each time I take it somewhere. I found them on the Internet.
If you're a local..I could show you how to make the cover.

I also added pockets in the front and back inside cover so I could add paper and pencil or crayons, etc. I really like how it turned out!

All the pages are either made with felt or fleece. I used lightweight infusing on the insides of each of them to help them last longer and hold the stitching better.
My pages are all 11x11 and the cover is made 12x12, with a 3 inch spine.
Happy to give more details if you need them!!

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