Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bunny Gift Bag

A bit hooked on cute bunnies today. I made this little gift bag for a special treat. I'll be putting a picture of Christ laminated with a magnet back and a little bit of jelly beans inside.
I used half a velcro dot on the flap just under his nose so the bag can be opened and shut. I'm not sure how long it will last, but I know Little Miss would carry this around for a few days.
I used adorable_box_20_C00658_20509 deleting the flowers included and the holes on the body of the bag. I added the bunny features from bunny_treat_bag_C00068_30551. The wiskers are made with the cut line for the slit on the bottom of the bag. I copied them and cut on the pink paper.

I was out of white my bunnies are cream. Still SO CUTE.

And the Cake pop winner is.........

Well...if you were thinking about entering and decided against it, this is NOT you're lucky day!! Everyone who DID enter is a winner!!!

My FAVORITE reason was definitely Brandon because he got super creative with his lame excuse. As if they had cake pops in 1976......

So...Brandon wins half a dozen cake pops to make Cari happy!!!
Carrie wins half dozen cake pops to share with her grandkids.
Sheryl wins half a dozen cake pops
Rebecca wins a sheep pop for Eden!!! And cakepop making lessons.

Congratulations to all the winners!!
I'll see you all tomorrow!!
(if you want to come pick them up, let me know)

Bunny T-shirt made with my Silhouette SD

Looky looky what I made! I've been waiting for new fun toys to play with my Silhouette!! Thanks to a great birthday present from my sister and favorite brother, I bought- among other things, the pink iron on transfer paper. I couldn't WAIT to make this so cute T shirt for Love Bug.


Bunny buns!! Is there anything cuter??

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Cake Pops! Win some here!

This afternoon my friend and I spent a few hours in the kitchen making these cuties for Easter. (yes I know my sheep don't have ears...long story) Anyway, I announced on my facebook status that I was making them and I wasn't planning to share a single one. That of course invoked some comments and one of them that a friend left inspired me to be a kind and thoughtful sharing person. She tried to guilt me into giving her one with her sad story. So I thought.....sounds like a GREAT idea.

Here is your chance to get a half dozen of these in time for Easter.
1. Must be local. be more specific, you have to be someone who either I'll see on Saturday afternoon or Sunday or who is willing to come pick them up. I'm giving them away but I'm still too busy/too lazy to make a special trip. Oh, and I'm not going to try to ship them.
2. Tell me why you deserve them. If your story isn't true, it has to make me think it's true. The more pathetic the reason the better.
3. One submission per person. All submissions must be received by 2pm 4/23/11 (local time).
4. If you don't qualify under number 1, but want to share your story anyway, please do. I'll award the best story publicly here and give you a big hurray and then give the pops to someone with a great story whom I'll actually see......

So there you have it. I know what you're thinking....this it totally rigged! Only people who know me really have a shot of winning. Yep. You're right.

Can't wait to hear your story!!!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Black and white damask table overlays/toppers for sale

I'm adding this post here because I've noticed a lot of hits on my page while searching for "black and white damask wedding" recently. That got me thinking: Brides are planning weddings right now- and I have table overlays for sale!! Brilliant! So here's the story on them:

I have 20 overlays total. 10 with white backgrounds like this one.

And 10 with black backgrounds like this one.
I also have 10 round black table cloths, and 10 white tablecloths. They are 118".
This is how they looked together.
The tables we used are 58 inch rounds.

I'm asking $450 for all 40 items together. I'd like to keep them as a set. There is some minor staining on a few of the white cloths but nothing that you'll notice with the overlay and table decorations.

If you are interested in them, leave me a comment.
We'll have to work out a paypal payment, and you'll also be responsible for shipping.
I'm planning to get this up on Weddingbee as well, so I'll link up to it when I do.

Oh, I also have all those paper lanterns leftover too. Again, leave a comment if you are interested.


Simple Spring Dress

I've been waiting for it to warm up and turn springy outside so I'd have a good reason to make a sundress for Love Bug. Pillowcase dresses are really popular for toddler girls right now. I found a really easy pattern by Simplicity that was perfect! I love to sew, but what I really love is something that I can sew in less than an hour. Sometimes that's all the time I have!!

The pattern is two pieces plus ribbon and bias tape. Easy-peasy!! I have a friend whom I will be giving sewing lessons to in the very near future and thought she'd like it for her little girl as well. I made this one for Love Bug.

 Ignore our Raggamuffin look. This is post piggy tails. They don't last long in her hair.
It turned out so cute and was so easy, I decided to make another while she napped this afternoon. I timed myself this time around. (mostly because I told my husband it would only take me 30 minutes to make one and when it took me 1.5 hours he was teasing me about it. Never mind that my serger wasn't functioning correctly and it took me 45 minutes to get it set back to where it was suppose to be. There are lots of little hands that like to turn dials at my house)
Anyway. From pattern to hanger- 45 minutes. I am the kind of seamstress that likes a nicely pressed seam and clean serged edges. So adding in all the times I pressed the seams and ironed the fabric and serged three edges, still a quick project.
Here is the second dress:

I decided against using ribbon because I liked the idea of it matching the dress completely. I made my own straps out of the fabric I used for the bottom of the dress. Cut the length required for the ribbon (in my case 2 yards) by 2 inches wide. Press both sides in 1/4 inch, then fold it over so one side almost meets the other. Press. Then sew along the edge. Cut it in half for two straps. Fold each end over twice (about 1/4 inch each time) and stitch to keep in place. If you have problems working with such a thin edge of fabric, here is an easy solution. You can use it anytime the piece you are sewing won't catch well on the sewing machine to move.

Place a piece of lightweight card stock under the pressure foot of the machine. Place your strap on the card stock positioned where you need it under the foot. Put the foot down and start sewing, being careful to reverse before you go off the edge of the strap. Move it forward to the edge again, then stop. Cut the threads.
Fold the card stock back away from the fabric exposing the seam. Cut the card stock off as close to the seam as possible. Now working with the card stock up, pull the remaining  piece of card stock downward away from the seam carefully. Any fragments of paper left can be picked out with your fingernail. And there you have it!!

If you're interested in the pattern, it's THIS one.
I found it at Walmart.
Happy sewing!!