Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day Goodness

If I were more organized (and my kids didn't have fevers for the past few days) this post would have gone out early enough that you just might have been able to put some inspiration to use for THIS Valentine's Day. Better late than never.

That Silhouette SD that my fabulous husband bought me for Christmas is very well broken in at this point. I even feel like I almost know what I'm doing now!!

Love Bug is having a V-day party and this is her Valentine to pass out. We are catering to the 4 and under set with these bubble bodied butterflies!!
 Jedi is passing out these too cute cupcake boxes to his kindergarten class.

Angel has these totally cute pillow boxes with a little heart card attached. She's giving out the heart leapers, so that is what inspired the note. It was suppose to read: You make my "heart" leap, Valentine" but something got a little lost in translation, and before I knew it, they were a bit difficult to understand.
 And for the teachers and staff. Cupcakes are for all occasions!
 Our messy Valentine projects underway.

 Now these cuties are for Love Bug's party as well. I'm loosely going with a "Love bug" theme (fitting), and the kisses are love bugs! The flying bugs are two kisses taped together with wings and eye stickers added.
 And these are hopping bugs.
Precious!! I made a killer garland this year, right before Love Bug's party. Then I proceeded to place it in a very special place until AFTER the party. It's still in that special place. I only wish I knew where it was, it's that special. I'm sure I'll find it in time for Christmas. That's still after the birthday party...which still counts, right?

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