Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fish Bowl Cake

I had need for a fabulously decorated cake this week, and felt inspired to make this one. The idea was borrowed from a Women's Day Cake. I loved the idea in general, but wasn't interested in using goldfish crackers on a cake, so I used gumdrops, for the most part. I did learn that I dislike the precolored fondant- something I'd never worked with before. No matter what I tried, it dried out really fast. The blue was mixed with white fondant, and for some reason that helped it stay moist. Anyway, here's my fish bowl cake that I got WAY carried away with decorating. But I love scuba diving and it just became a reef without even planning for it to be.

 Sea coral, sea sponge....

 Coral, sea fan...
 Sea snail....Did I mention I had way too much fun with this??

 and the one fish trying to get away.
My kid's can't wait to "dive" into the cake this weekend! Who could blame them??


  1. Kim.....that is absolutely adorable!!! That is just waaaaay too cute =D What time did you say you would be diving into this?? hehe

  2. I am mesmerized by this cake! And you said the colored fondant was hard to work with? How on earth did you achieve THIS then? I want to know how you made fish out of gumdrops. Maybe if I tasted it I'd figure it out...