Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fairy Birthday Party plans


My little Love Bug is having a birthday next month. In case you couldn't tell, she loves all things tutu, so I had to get thinking about what theme we could do that would appease her inner floof. We've done princess, and straight up tutu parties in the past. She's not at all into ballerina (mostly because she hasn't discovered it yet) but she does adore fairies. Fairies wear tutus of a bingo! Fairy party it is!

Now this is just in the planning/preparation phase still, and I have just under 2 months to get it all together. BUT because I know there are other fairy lovers out there, I just wanted to give you a glimpse of what my plans are so you can RUN (don't walk) to your nearest craft store and score some AMAZING deals on fairy party decor and craft items.

WHY are we running?? Three words: Clearance Christmas Items.

It wasn't three weeks ago that I was in Michael's completely disappointed that I couldn't find anything that fit in with my Christmas decor. EVERYTHING was covered in glitter, bright colors, and fairy junk. It's Christmas for pity's sake!

But.....what a change a few weeks and a different focus can make. Here are some of my major scores from this morning's outing to Michael's.

Fairies, normally $10 down to $2 each
 Gobs of glitter covered foliage- anywhere from $.13-$.75 each.

Very fairly land looking, no?

I have been trying to come up with inexpensive wings for our little fairies, and all the DIY ideas consist of hangers and pantyhose. Problem is, these little fairies are three year old at most! Can you say "snag"? I sure can.
So what to use...I thought that tulle might work but its so flimsy. So I checked out the mesh netting at Joann and found some in bright colors that I think will work out perfectly.
Here is a little peek at how they are going to look.
It's a bit hard to see what my entire vision is, but you get the picture.
The best part about this path is that the netting was/is?? On sale so it was only $.75 a yard.!!! Bonus.
Hard to see, but the wings are covered with spray on glitter- as is the flower. I'm going to try adding some adhesive rhinestones here and there so long as it doesn't weigh them down too much. It will add some sparkle to that glitter.
The whole party is going to be covered in glitter!
For the Tutu's I bought some 6"sheer chiffon ribbon in colors that coordinated with the netting. I'm cutting the ends to a point to make them fairly looking. Not a great photo...but you can see that its cut to a point. I found the chiffon in their "deal zone" baskets.

Also you can currently get star wands at the Target $1 zone, which I plan to tie lots of ribbon to for their little wands.
Hope you can catch the great deals this week while they are having them!!
I'll be posting some tutorials and the whole party in the coming weeks!


  1. Great ideas! I'm glad I started looking now. My little girl's party won't be until March, but I'd rather start getting things done and at a discount too! I'm heading to Michael's today!

  2. The girls will LOVE those wings and tutu's, great use of christmas clearance!