Sunday, April 1, 2012

General Conference Ideas

LDS conference weekend!! If you know me at all, you know that I live for holidays...and parties. So why wouldn't a weekend filled with listening to the Prophet and his apostles be anything but a little bit of both. 

Its not easy for kiddos to listen for EIGHT hours in one weekend. (Yes, I said eight hours.) Its broken up into two hour increments over two days. AND the boys 12 and up also go for an addition 2 hours on Saturday night. Dedication, I tell you. 

So how do we keep them entertained? Well for one thing we switch things around a bit and try to keep it new. 

This time around we had stations for the kids to play at while they listen. 

Build a temple, or a church, or anything church related. 
 Gluing  station. I printed a egg outline and gave them tissue paper to decorate the eggs with. 
 Drawing & coloring station.

 Love Bugs table with art supplies...
 Table for eating on while watching.

Then there is our way of tracking that there is listening...
I made this board and can use it for spring or fall.
At the bottom is General Authority Garden.There are stems with all the apostles, prophet and his councilors names on them. The flowers have their photos, and the leaves are for writing what they spoke on.
 The leaves are stored in the cups
 Topic tree, gets covered in apples. The apples have topics on them. When the kids hear a topic they put the apple on the tree.
 After each talk we choose a principle we learned and need to work on and put it on one of the ducks in "principle pond". The principles are ones that should help us "get our ducks in a row".

This year I had the older kids write questions that the younger kids had to answer between sessions. They put them in these eggs. The all got treats for writing or answering questions. It helped the teens pay attention more knowing they had to come up with question to ask the young ones. 

 Of course there were candy rewards. Having them in cute containers with little scoops made them so much more special.

And then there was all the FOOD.

And totally unhealthy.....


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