Thursday, May 27, 2010

Black and White Damask and Yellow Wedding

Coming soon!!

All the details of our DIY Black and White Damask & Yellow Wedding. We had a very limited budget and did everything on our own (with a lot of help from friends).
I'm waiting on photos- because I know you'll want to see them!
But for now, here are some things to get you started in case you are in the middle of planning your own DIY wedding.
We bought everything we could on sale, using coupons, or used. Joann Fabric and Michael's put their floral on sale for 40-50% off every few weeks (or every week for a short time). Michael's also puts their ribbon on sale 40% off. So watch for that as well.
We also used 50% coupons from the Joann circular. Ask your friends if they can hold onto theirs for you. You can use one coupon per full priced item. These came in really handy for the apothecary jars we needed for the candy buffet.
Michael's prints a coupon after your receipt for either 40 or 50% off. You can't use it until the next week, and it's one coupon per customer per day, so that makes it more difficult- but not impossible. I also bought apothecary jars using these coupons.
I bought the table coverings used from a previous bride.
The lanterns I found at were the least expensive online that were in the colors and sizes we wanted. I thought the quality was great!
If you're just starting out on your DIY wedding- I have a few tips for you:
Bookmark everything you like so you can find it easily later
Get as much help as you can
Do as much in advance as possible
Shop around for the best prices and buy everything on sale
Keep your receipts in one place so you can easily return what you don't need/didn't use
Look at sites like The Knot to get ideas and find your style- then search using keywords (like lemon wedding- in our case)
Be flexible
Good luck- and check back in a few weeks for the details!!!

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