Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Black and white damask wedding- bouquets

We decided to go with silk flowers for the wedding. We knew that we wanted to use Forsythia because it is such a stunning yellow. Forsythia was in bloom at the time, and we saw it every where we turned. Because they are not often used in weddings, it would also offer more originality.

Rachael chose beautiful white flowers for her bouquet (I forgot their name..sorry) and we accented with forsythia. I added buttons to tie in with the boutonnieres.

For the tossing bouquet, it was fun to tie the lemon theme in. We thought a bouquet of lemons would be perfect. Of course we had to add forsythia and buttons to it as well. I found the lemon bouquet at Michaels, and then added to it

We were a bit worried about the idea of some poor single girl getting whacked in the head with something as unforgiving as fake lemons, but it turned out just fine! So there you have it, our wedding bouquets.


  1. I want to know how to make that lemon bouquet! :D It's so adorable!

  2. I bought the bouquet of lemons from Michaels. It was with their fake fruit. I hot glued the lemons together to keep them from spreading apart and glues leaves, tulle, buttons on wires and flowers into it as well. I wrapped the stem with ribbon- using hot glue to hold it in place and then tied a final piece of ribbon on the stem to make it pretty. :) Not sure if you can still find the lemon bouquets at Michael, but maybe do a google search.

  3. thank you very much! :)