Saturday, August 14, 2010

Black and White Damask Yellow Wedding 2

Next up on the wedding DIY scene is the table numbers. In all honesty, they were a last minute addition to our plans. We had thought of doing seating assignments, then decided not to. Changing our minds again within a week of the wedding led us to this idea: Let the bride and groom tell you where your seats are.

Using publisher, we pasted a damask pattern downloaded free off the internet as the background and then placed numbers on top of them. Then cut the number out and pasted it to cardstock. The photos were taken in black and white, then printed and tapped to cookie lollipop sticks which you can buy at Michael's. They were put into our center pieces at each table.

The placecards were printed and pasted onto yellow cardstock and taped to long lollipop sticks.

We put the placecard in jars alphabetically and divided (A-H,I-R,S-W) to make it easier to fine names. The jars were filled 1/3 full of fancy lemon drops.

The bride came up with this cute saying to go along with our lemon theme "Pucker up and pick your seat".
Here is the final product.

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