Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Cake Pops! Win some here!

This afternoon my friend and I spent a few hours in the kitchen making these cuties for Easter. (yes I know my sheep don't have ears...long story) Anyway, I announced on my facebook status that I was making them and I wasn't planning to share a single one. That of course invoked some comments and one of them that a friend left inspired me to be a kind and thoughtful sharing person. She tried to guilt me into giving her one with her sad story. So I thought.....sounds like a GREAT idea.

Here is your chance to get a half dozen of these in time for Easter.
1. Must be local. be more specific, you have to be someone who either I'll see on Saturday afternoon or Sunday or who is willing to come pick them up. I'm giving them away but I'm still too busy/too lazy to make a special trip. Oh, and I'm not going to try to ship them.
2. Tell me why you deserve them. If your story isn't true, it has to make me think it's true. The more pathetic the reason the better.
3. One submission per person. All submissions must be received by 2pm 4/23/11 (local time).
4. If you don't qualify under number 1, but want to share your story anyway, please do. I'll award the best story publicly here and give you a big hurray and then give the pops to someone with a great story whom I'll actually see......

So there you have it. I know what you're thinking....this it totally rigged! Only people who know me really have a shot of winning. Yep. You're right.

Can't wait to hear your story!!!!!


  1. Free Cake Pops!? I am in. Okay, so here is the back story. Back in 1976 I was brought into this lone and dreary world, by a snake oil salesman, and a gypsy named Grimelda. I was forced from a young age to shovel filth muck for 18 hours a day, at only 2 tupins a day, barely enough to buy a measure of corn meal, and a spot of oil to feed my meager family. With no Ox to pull our wagon, I was forced into this menial task, and would pull the wagon for up to 20 miles a day. I would find myself passing out at the strain some days, and would dream of the cake pops that were make painstakingly by a marvelous baker down the road. I just knew, if one day, somehow, I could get my hands on one of those splendid delights of joy, my yoke, and my burden, would somehow be lighten, if not just for that moment. Okay, so are you buying it? Didn't think so. Here’s the real deal. I live in Rhode Island, my wife lives in Baltimore, and I only get to see her on the weekends, and I cannot think of a better way to spend our limited time together than sharing that time with a bushel of cake pops! ;) Enough said. THE END
    -Brandon Murdock

  2. Actually, this is being submitted on Carrie's behalf by her son and daughter-in-law.  She's been pining over these pops all day and definitely deserves them.  We invaded her home nearly a week ago and have been wreaking havoc here ever since.  Her garage is full of smelly diapers, her dishwasher is overrun with bottles and sippies, Gordon's socks are all mixed up with toddler shirts and baby onesies, and her carpet may never be the same... (sorry about that).  Being a sweet grandma, all that would probably be fine, but add in the fact that Bryan's been sick ( in a messy sort of way...yuck!) and having to miss out on an evening in dc because someone needed help and it's clear Carrie could certainly use an Easter bunny benefactor to lift her spirits and help her endure another two nights of noise and mess.  Besides...we just know it would make her SO happy to be able to share them with her very favorite grandchildren.  :)

  3. I think sick kids (out both ends, tmi?), having to give away our West Side Story tickets, and cancel our babysitter to take care of the kidlets may be in the running for cake pops. Those would sure help cheer us up.

    They look adorable and I am sure they are delish!!

  4. This is too funny! I can't even think up something pathetic enough to qualify but I just wanted to comment and show my support for this awesome idea. And hey, when are you going to teach ME to make cake pops!! Oh, and I want the long story about the ears.
    Wait, I just thought of something halfway pathetic, Eden has been begging for three Easter's now to make her a sheep pop. She LOVES everything sheep and has asked me and asked me for those sheep cake pops which is the only reason I have been wanting to ever learn how to make those, and still have not been able to learn, wah....tears, sadness,