Thursday, April 14, 2011

Black and white damask table overlays/toppers for sale

I'm adding this post here because I've noticed a lot of hits on my page while searching for "black and white damask wedding" recently. That got me thinking: Brides are planning weddings right now- and I have table overlays for sale!! Brilliant! So here's the story on them:

I have 20 overlays total. 10 with white backgrounds like this one.

And 10 with black backgrounds like this one.
I also have 10 round black table cloths, and 10 white tablecloths. They are 118".
This is how they looked together.
The tables we used are 58 inch rounds.

I'm asking $450 for all 40 items together. I'd like to keep them as a set. There is some minor staining on a few of the white cloths but nothing that you'll notice with the overlay and table decorations.

If you are interested in them, leave me a comment.
We'll have to work out a paypal payment, and you'll also be responsible for shipping.
I'm planning to get this up on Weddingbee as well, so I'll link up to it when I do.

Oh, I also have all those paper lanterns leftover too. Again, leave a comment if you are interested.


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  1. I know you posted a year ago, but are these still available? Thanks!