Thursday, June 23, 2011

Father's Day Gift for LDS Dad

I asked my husband what he wanted for Father's Day, and he told me he wanted a copy of his Priesthood Line of Authority. Then he proceeded to order a copy of it. That threw that idea out the window. So I googled ideas of what to do with it and ran across THIS idea. I loved how she made it- as is evident of how close mine is to here. I did want to do thing a bit differently with the last few photos though.

All the photos I needed for it were available by doing a search in google images online, except for the first two in his line- because those men are not apostles and such. So..I did a search for them on New Family Search, both are deceased. I found the contributers to their geneology information and emailed them to ask for photos, explaining what I planned to do with them. I also was able to contact a few people using Facebook. It was a  lot of fun hunting the living relatives of these great men. I even made a few friends a long the way. :)

So although its past Father's day, the idea is still out there for future father's days. It would be great for a husband, dad, son in law, etc.

I love how it turned out, and more importantly, my husband did too.


  1. This is GREAT idea! What do the titles say under each picture? I am hoping to make this for my husband for Christmas.

  2. Each title says the office the person was ordained to and who ordained them. The first pic says 'husband was ordained to the office of high priest by xxx'. The next pic is XXX was ordained to the office of high priest by YYY. YYY was ordained....and so on. The office used is the one held when they ordained the person after them. For instance, Joseph Fielding Smith was ordained an apostle by Brigham Young. Brigham Young was ordained an apostle by the Three witnesses. Do a google search for Brigham Young's PLA for an example. The picture of Christ says "Jesus Christ recieved his priesthood authority from our Father in Heaven." Hope that helps you figure it out.

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  5. I love this idea. And seriously - that Daphne girl has been posting to EVERYONE's blog. I'll never buy anything from her shop. So annoying!