Friday, June 17, 2011

Last minute Father's Day Gift ideas

Are you a procrastinator?? I'm not, but somehow I still manage to do things at the last minute. Guess its my over the top projects....Well whether you're like me or not, here are some last minute ideas sure to please dad in a pinch.

1. Magazine subscription- Make Magazine is a favorite at our house and for any dad that likes to tinker around with ordinary objects and make them into something fun. Purchase the current copy and add a note letting him know a subscription is on it's way. To make this a fun gift from the kids, have them go through and circle projects they want to do with dad, or even make a simple project from it and give that too him too! Of course hobby magazines, sports magazines, etc will be fantastic too! And hey, while you're at it, throw in a magazine holder for the bathroom. You know that's where he's gonna read it.

2. Goody stash- Dad doesn't always get showered with yummy snacks such as chocolates like mom does. Why not pick out some of his favorites treats and present them in a useful item like a remote control caddy, new toolbox, pair of pants (fill the pockets), or a package of socks (who wouldn't want candy filled stockings without the normal expense associated with the filled-stocking season??) The dad at our house received 50 candy bars for his 50th birthday last year and is still working on them. It's nice to not have to share with the kids for once.

3. Entertainment passes- Give him movie passes, tickets to a ball game, concert, etc. Maybe get him a couple of them and let him choose if he wants to go with the guys, or take the kids.

4. Rootbeer! A fun drink to share with the kiddos. Did you know there are over 100 varieties of rootbeer? How 'bout a sampling of a dozen different brands? You can have a rootbeer tasting night as a family. Or what about making homemade rootbeer with the kids? The dad at our house loves his Mr. Rootbeer kit. You can buy a kit such as this one which includes everything you need (practically).

5. Digital Photo frame- There are a lot of digital frames out there now. We love the Kodak pulse. It has wifi and the ability to upload photos from your computer at home to the frame at work, or 3000 miles away. We gave one to my husband AND to my parents. Perfect gift for a grandpa and my husband loves that he has so many photos to look at without the clutter of lots of frames in his workplace. I was concerned about it at first because it didn't come with a random mode, but they have since fixed this by offering the ability to do this from the kodak pulse website. Check it out here.

6. Slice- I know my husband would LOVE this little device. And its so inexpensive. Check it out here
If you hate opening up rigid plastic packaging (I know my husband does) this little item is a perfect solution. It has a ceramic blade, magnet inside so you can put it on the fridge or toolbox, and a hole for putting it on a keychain. You can use it on practically anything you'd use scissors for. And hey, why not give him a gift that you can borrow?


1. Apron- Whether he's a chef in the kitchen or a gourmet on the grill, what dad doesn't love an apron from the kids? Family fun has a very cute idea for a bbq version. We've done a few aprons for my husband over the years. The last one was made from a denim apron I picked up at Michaels. It was a gift from Jedi when he was a year old. I used iron transfers to make it say "Jedi's dad" and then covered that with masking tape. Then I put Jedi on the floor with the apron and some paint. Soon they were both covered in paint- a true masterpiece!

2. Personalized Candybar wrapper- I ran across THIS great iDad candy bar wrapper that is super cute. Get creative with other wrappers that fit the personality of the dad in your life.

3. DIY gift bag/box- I can't get over how adorable this shirt and tie gift box is. Of course you still have to come up with something to go IN it, but I'm totally motivated to find the perfect something to fill it with!

4. Superhero stash- This is akin to the goody stash idea from above, but with a fun twist and a DIY aspect to it. I LOVED this idea.

5. Date with dad- Better than a coupon book because it's "set in stone" persay. Buy him a calendar, and mark it up with Date's with Dad for the rest of the year. Choose lots of his favorite activities and then plan dates to make them happen. Is there a movie coming out he'll want to see? A ball game? Trip to the ice cream store, fishing for a weekend, etc. Make sure to include a few days when dad gets a break from everthing else.

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  1. These were terrific ideas, Kim! I am using a couple of them =D So thanks!!!