Thursday, October 13, 2011

Swiss Bircher Muesli

When I was a kid, my mom started making a breakfast dish she called Swiss Bircher Muesli. She got the recipe (I've been told) from her sister who served a religious mission in Switzerland.

We ate it for dinner ALL THE TIME

I started making it for my kids and now they won't let me stop!

I don't have the actual "recipe" but this is how we make it at our house. Keep in mind that we don't take this stuff lightly...we make it for everyone to stuff themselves with!!

2 lbs yogurt any flavor (I prefer strawberry-this is the big container from any grocery store)
1 can crushed pineapple juice included
2 cans fruit coctail juice included
2 mandarin oranges
1 apple cored and cut into bite sized pieces
any other fruit you want to add
sliced almonds (optional- but a must for us)
oatmeal (2 cups or more)
orange juice

Mix the yogurt, canned fruit, fresh fruit together. Add 2 cups oatmeal and nuts. Add a bit of orange juice and stir. Adjust the oatmeal and orange juice until the oats are not dry but its not runny. Refrigerate overnight.

You can add more juice in the morning if its too dry.

Obviously, its not a great recipe for those of you who don't do well without precise measurements. But you'd really have to try hard to mess it up. It's oatmeal, yogurt and fruit for goodness sake!


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