Friday, November 4, 2011

Angel wings

We have a rule at our house: No one over the age of 12 can trick or treat without a valid costume. Valid= time spent planning and making costume exceeds 4 hours.

That being said, this year Teenager decided he wanted a pair of wings after seeing this post

I asked him what he was going to be if we made those wings, and he decided to be Archangel from X-men. I didn't have a pattern, and I don't have a tutorial for you. But I can say it was relatively easy, but time consuming.

I simply had Teenager lay down on the muslim I bought and drew the wings. I cut those out. Then we cut the fabric into strips twice the width of the feathers,  he folded them in half lengthwise and pressed them. They using a templete he made, traced and cut scallops. A LOT of scallops. We pinned them in place and I sewed----a lot of sewing!!

My thought in all of this is that these would be great to use for a Christmas Nativity, now that we're past Halloween. Dual purpose items make me happy. So if you're thinking of investing a ton of time in a pretty amazing set of wings, these might be right up your ally.

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