Saturday, August 14, 2010

Black and White Damask and Yellow Wedding

The Cake

Instead of having a wedding cake, the bride wanted cheesecake and a small cake just large enough to cut a piece and smash it into each other's faces. We thought a cupcake stand would be the perfect solution. I bought the cardboard stand from for $35. I found damask patterned
wrapping paper at Michaels, along with the black velveteen ribbon. The flowers were from Joann Fabric.

I used double-stick tape to attach the wrapping paper, then trimmed the edges. The ribbon was attached with hot glue, as were the flowers. It was time consuming, but I liked the end result.

Going this route for the "cake" also was very inexpensive. The cheesecake we purchased at Sam's club and then repackaged in white mini cupcake papers (thanks Meagan:)because the paper they come in didn't go well with the decorations. The cake was an 8" cake from Safeway decorated like one of their wedding designs, and cost a whopping $16. I think our total for 300 mini cheesecakes, the cake, stand, and decorations for it was just under $125. Not bad for the "cake", and everyone loved that it was cheesecake instead of cake.

We also served Rita's Italian ice for refreshments. The bride picked Mango, Oreo Cookie, and Alex's Lemonade to go with her colors and theme. We purchased 6oz dessert cups from Party City that were a pretty clear plastic floral design and had a few young men serve it. It was a hit!

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