Saturday, August 14, 2010

Black and White Damask and Yellow Wedding 4


Can you believe This used to be a church gym?

We were lucky enough to have access to a cargo parachute (I'm sure everyone has one in their garage, right??) and it was big enough to cover the entire interior of our church building's gym. A tent without the rental fees!


There are existing lights in the gym that can dim, so we only needed to add a bit of lighting. We choose paper lanterns, as they add a nice classy touch.
I found a great idea on the internet (I know- right?) to use throwies inside to light them(ps-you don't need the magnets). My husband had a great time putting them together. But in the end, I would have to say (as did he) that we really didn't need them. I'm guessing that in other situations, they may work fine to light them, like an outside location were it really is the only light. But indoors with another light source, they were hardly noticeable. I would highly suggest if you are considering using throwies as a way of lighting the lanterns, that you use white lanterns and don't get any larger than 16". Beyond that, you won't see much light. We used some 24" lanterns, and they had hardly a glimmer.

We used battery operated tea lights for the tables. To go along with the centerpieces, we gathered up a bunch of stage 2 babyfood jars (thanks Lori, Becky, and Crystal) and tied yellow damask ribbon on them. It was VERY inexpensive. And they turned out really nice.
I shopped around the internet for black and white damask table overlays. They are hard to come by and expensive. Even renting them is expensive. Wedding bee has a classified section- and let me just tell you how brilliant this is! I purchased all of my overlays, and table cloths from a previous bride who also did black and white damask. I was VERY happy to find them, and I'm sure she was happy to sell them. (BTW- I am now selling them. So if you have need for them, leave me a message)

Our center pieces were made from jars we found at Target. We filled them with fresh lemon slices and the flowers purchased from Joann Fabrics. The ribbon was from Michaels.
(sorry didn't get a better picture, so this one is a repeat. You can see all the details though.)

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  1. What a clever idea with the parachute! how big was it to cover the gym? Do you know where I could find one?