Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Geography lesson

Confession: I am not a whiz with geography. I honestly get lost when we start discussing something more involved than continents, oceans, seas, and news headline countries. I have a daughter who went to Albania. Never heard of it before she went there (did, however recognize the name Yugoslavia when I learned that Albania used to be part of that country way back when).

When we start talking about European countries, I can name a dozen or more off the top of my head. Africa- six for certain. I can't even tell you which states in the good old USA touch each other for the most part. I've got CA, NV, OR, WA, AZ, UT, CO, and ID for certain. I can also tell you what's next to each other from NY down to GA and as far west from the eastern coast as WV. I'm not sure who lies where in the middle or the south.

BUT ever since I started this blog, and saw that people from all over the world are landing here from somewhere, I've been getting a great geography lesson. Check out the map at the bottom to see where some long distance readers have come from. I just started the map last month, after seeing that people from countries I've never heard of before have been by to see what's going on here. I learned today about the country of Latvia. After seeing some pictures online....I would LOVE to come visit there. It's so beautiful!!

Thanks for stopping by- my world-wide friends! I'm enjoying getting to know the rest of the world!


  1. We bought and AWESOME game that's totally helped out my geography. (mine sucks too...and when you're married to Tyler...that's a bad thing) The game is called 10 days in Africa (we also have Asia and Europe and plan to get the others...). Basically it's a big map of Africa and you have to build a 10 day trip by driving, walking, and/or flying to different countries. You should check it out! It's great for our kids too! Megan is learning where different countries (which is great because this week she told me that she thought Mexico was in Texas...awesome Meg).