Thursday, May 5, 2011

Coral Reef Ocean theme Cake

I volunteered to make a few cakes for the school spring festival's cake walk. Probably not what they were thinking I'd be bringing, but I honestly can't pass up the opportunity to make a fun cake!!

It's very similar to the fish bowl cake from a month or so ago, but I had so much fun making all those little sea creatures. There were many things I wanted to do that I couldn't/didn't have time for with that one, so here is my take two! (Plus- my Jedi asked me in the sweetest voice to make another fish cake- and I really can't resist him)

The cake!!
Are those not the cutest crabs EVER?? I borrowed the idea from here.
Honestly though, I love the turtles the best. I made the one on top here, and then HAD to make a few more.
I know that not everyone is a fondant eating fan (myself included- I can only handle small doses), so some of the sea life is made from other edible items. I love working with all kinds of candy and goodies. The creative juices just flow when I stand in that aisle at the store!
Here is the low-down on what I used to make my coral reef come to life!!

The starburst candy and jolly ranchers were made by softening/melting the candy. I love working with melted jolly ranchers. I made a volcano cake with them for Jedi one year. (I'll have to dig out that picture)

The blue confetti sprinkles are Wilton cake sparkles. I love the shimmer you get from them. I also painted the whole cake and all the sea life with Wilton pearl dust mixed with clear vanilla extract. It gives everything a nice sheen.
The pictures don't do it justice, but I also didn't mix the blue color all the way into the fondant, so it has a slight marbled effect to look more like water.

Also, I've learned recently, that if you buy the Wilton colored fondant, mixing it with white fondant makes it softer, more usable, and less drying. Maybe the package said to do that, but I don't have the packaging anymore.

There you have it!!

I think I'm going to go plan my next scuba diving trip now...I really miss being under water!

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