Saturday, May 14, 2011

Superhero birthday party!!

Jedi had a superhero birthday party for his 5th birthday  several years ago.
We started with an evite invitation that said this:

Superhero Headquarters is now recruiting new candidates for their Superhero Program. One of our top secret superheroes in training has named you as a friend with special powers that make you a perfect choice for our program. You know him by his code name: "Jedi".

Join us at our Superhero headquarters for your superhero training.
Everything you need will be provided to you, no need to dress up.

Please RSVP and tell us the following information about you:

Super power
Favorite color
Your Super Hero name

We will be having some super hero snacks and treats during our training, so please notify us of any "weaknesses" you may have- Kryptonite, Brussels sprouts, peanuts (other allergies).


I think one of my favorite parts of this party was seeing what all the kids/parents came up with for their name and power. We had Lavender Lightning- with super speed, Bubblegum girl- could make giant bubbles, Fire Laser guessed it- can shoot fire and laser.

Jedi was "FREEZE-OR-BURN"  and could do just that.

I made capes and masks for all the kids. The capes were made with pieces of felt and I added a logo to it depending on their superhero name. I made the masks out of silly foam. I googled superhero mask templates. I don't remember where I found them.
 Lavender Lighting
 Bubblegum girl

 The superhero crew
Demonstrating their powers. (notice the girl in the left front corner and the boy in the left rear in red "turned invisible")

While we waited for all the kids to arrive, we had the kids color superhero pictures I printed from the Internet, or they could color on the butcher paper we put on the table.
 Then came the training...
Get them limber!!

 Then an obstacle course. They had to walk a wobbly blank, run on tiles without getting hit by balls that were flying by,
 Climb through a tunnel,
 then leap over a ottoman. They could "fly" over it if they felt they had harnessed that power already.

Then each superhero received their cape and mask. They were SO excited!

We then played pin the cape on Superman, and some of the kids seemed to have x-ray vision and could see through the blindfold.

And had lunch. Hero sandwiches with fresh fruits and veggies.

After lunch, they learned that an evil villain had found the location of their training and threw a bunch of kryptonite in the room hoping to make them lose their powers.

They each took turns picking up the kryptonite and putting them in a "lead" storage chamber.

Next was a team building exercises where we broke them into two teams and races to get giant floor puzzles done before the other team. It was a tie!! We were so happy to hear it because we knew that the evil villain would be back and it would take the whole superhero team working together to defeat him!!
 They lifted "100lb" weights with ease as they built up their superhero muscles! (wrapping paper tubes with balloons on each end)
We heard the villain telling the superheroes he planned to defeat them. They all gathered in the superhero clubhouse to come up with a plan.

They tickled him until he promised to be good!!

I made a volcano cake with superman saving a lumberjack. Looking back at it, I would have done it so differently if I was making it today. BUT, the kids loved it. I used jolly ranchers melted and poured to look like lava.
 The top of the cake had a hole in it with a small dixie cup inside. It had a bit of water in it. We put a few small pieces of dry ice in it so the volcano would smoke.

Hurray for superheroes!!

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  1. Blake wants a superhero party for his 5th birthday in September--I'll have to borrow some of these cute ideas!