Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Maxi skirt/dress

I was trying to talk my oldest teen into making a maxi skirt, and when she told me she wanted a dress instead, I pulled my skirts waistband up to my chest to show her how easy it would be to make one that was a dress. THEN I decided I needed one. But I got to thinking that it would be great if it could be a dress or a skirt. It was made the same as my first maxi skirt. See THIS POST for more info.

So, here is the finished skirt. And...the dress photo...well I accidentally deleted the photo off my FB page and now its gone completely. So I'll have to take another when I wear it next. I spilled some bleach on the bottom of it (and about cried after having *just* made it today) but saved it!! Whew. 

Photo of dress coming soon. 

Meanwhile. I just made the waist band 7 inches before folding so it fit in the chest better. This fabric I used sideways and kept the selvage in tact so I didn't do anything to the hem. Perfect!

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