Wednesday, July 11, 2012

T-shirt to little girl's maxi skirt

I found this t-shirt at Kohl's in the clearance section for $1.44. I HAD to buy it to make a skirt for Love Bug. She's been asking me if I'll make her a "long dress know, like yours. Not a tutu like mine." WHAT, she wants to wear something that ISN"T a tutu? 


Anyway. It was late. Past 9 pm when I started making it. I needed Love Bug so I could make it fit her. I really should have waited until the next day but I was so excited to try it out. Mr. Leafy was not happy that I wasn't putting the crying whining children in bed, so I was working as fast as I could. 

No instructions. I'm sorry. I'll make another. I PROMISE! That one will have a tute. 

Anyway, This is how it turned out. 

Cute, no? 

I mean, for a 10pm finish time and a cranky kid to boot. Not too shabby. I had to piece the waistband together with fabric from the sleeves, but was quite happy to also have some of the blue stripe left over to add to it. 

Love Bug was in heaven wearing it today. 

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