Sunday, July 1, 2012

Twirly skirt

Another project for our church ladies sewing night is a twirly skirt. Love Bug LOVES to twirl. I love to make her skirts, tutus and the like. 

Found the tutorial on this site  and it was SO easy to make. Seriously easy. My oldest...wait, I don't have a name for her yet....The Great- that's what we'll call her, said she hates it when she reads on a blog that something is super easy and fast. Then it takes all day and never works anyway. Not so here. It literally took me 20 minutes to make. I was fortunate enough to be able to use the exact size that the poster used and no math skills were required. If math had been needed, I would have been crying on the floor in the fetal position after spending hours trying to figure it out. NOT because its too complicated, but because math and I are from different planets. 

Then today I was talking to some friends about the skirt and realized that the math required was actually quite easy and I was just overreacting to begin with. (whew)

Love Bug models her new super cute skirt here:

and the twirl factor is very satisfactory!!

It doesn't require a finished edge because its a knit/spandex fabric, but putting in a small hem would have also been easy. I plan to put some trim on the edge to give it a little pop. I just used my serger on the edge. The waistband is also a yoga pant style. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.

Loved the twirly so much I decided to make one for myself.

Sorry, no twirling photo :( But believe me, it too has a overwhelming twirl factor. In case twirling is your thing. :)

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