Monday, November 9, 2009

Christmas Gift Exchange

*I'm posting this ideas now in case anyone wants to adopt it into their own Christmas plans*

Every year among the regular gift giving, our family has a gift exchange. We are assigned a person in our immediate family and are charged with the task of MAKING a gift for that person. We don't really have a set amount that we are allowed to spend on whatever supplies are needed, and there really aren't any other restrictions other than it has to be made by you.

Little ones too young to make things themselves have had help from mom or dad. Some things we've done for preschoolers and under: Hand prints...on an apron, shirt, etc. Picture collages of that child (would be nice with them placed around a piece of art made by them as well). Sticky back gems place on a frame of a mirror. A decorative candy jar with colorful candy art layered inside.
Other things that have been made by our family members to give each other are:

Rice sock
Puppet theater and puppets
Cloth Tee Pee
Road rug for toy cars to drive on
Decorated wooden jewelry box (can be purchased at craft store then decorated)
Decorated magnetic memo board
Recipe file

There are so many ideas on the Internet and in books on homemade gifts and the possibilities are endless.

This is our favorite part of Christmas morning. We open the homemade gifts together. It has really changed the way we think about gift giving. There is so much thought, time and love put into these gifts and they are always received very well. I think the biggest joy comes from making them.
Do you have any gift giving traditions?

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