Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Quiet book page 8

This is now my favorite page! I am a huge s'mores fan. I tried to think of what would portrait summer for us, and s'more won as the favorite thing of summer. We love to camp, but make s'more at home too.

The page lays flat of course.

But then the fire and tent can stand up.
The fire quietly "crackles" when the flame is wiggled. (crackly plastic is inside)

Marshmallows and chocolate bars hide in the tent which attaches with velcro.

The graham crackers and roasting stick hide in the sleeping bag which is sewn on two sides and and a quarter way across the top. They fit in quite snug.

The marshmallows can lay flat and are "roasted" on one side, and fresh on the other.

They can be folded in half and attached with velcro around the stick.

I may make some little bears to "play" on this page as well, but am calling it done for now.


  1. How do you make the fire and tent stand?

  2. Each flame of the fire is just two pieces of felt with a tiny bit of batting and some crinkly plastic-- I think I used part of a baby wipes refill package for a quiet crinkle. Sew a contrast flame color on the outside before you sew it together. Then sew it together leaving the very bottom of each flame, about .5 inches, open for stuffing. You can sew the plastic right into it and trim, or you can stuff the plastic in when you stuff in the batting. Leave the bottom edge open and either hand or machine sew it down to the page, with the two pieces open- like a butterfly. Do the same for the next two flame parts. It will lay down when you want down, and you can then stand them up as well. The tent is just felt. I made the tent shape with a piece of felt which I folded in half and sewed across the fold on the outside, leaving about 1/8 inch. On each long side of the tent, fold the end under half an inch and sew along fold on outside like you did with the top. Sew velcro to the under side of one of these "flaps"- you can see it in the third picture. The other side flap is what you will sew to the page, but from the inside. I made third piece cut in a triangle that was the same length as the short end of the tent sides (scientific...right?) which you can't see because I added it later when pieces were falling out. Sew together on the outside like you did with the rest of it. I added mine to the end that is at the bottom of the page to hold pieces in.You'll attach the opposite side of velcro to the page to stick the tent to. It stands up just fine on its own, and can lay flat for closing the page. Hope that helps!!