Sunday, November 8, 2009

Rain Painting

I posted this on my family blog a while back, so this may be a repeat for some of my readers.

A great rainy day activity that may make your kids hope for rain!

I read about a great rainy day activity in Family Fun magazine (or maybe it was Parenting...) and we gave it a try.

Use water based markers- like crayola washables. Make a drawing on a piece of paper or cardstock. Your picture should cover the entire page. I found that skipping on any black or brown is a must, and that you shouldn't do anything too detailed- even petals on flowers can be a rough shape. My kids had a great time making their pictures, although I had to color in a lot on my 4 year old's page because it was too much for him to do on his own.

When you are done drawing the picture, you take it out in the rain. I placed them on cake cooling racks to keep them out of the pooling water. Let them get rained on as much as you'd like to make the desired effect. Then bring them inside to dry. They look very "Monet"

Next time it's raining, give it a try!

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